MIRACLE Hipseat + Baby Carrier
New Hipseat + Baby Carrier!!
Our Hipseat Baby Carrier is a new type of product wearable by both mom and dad and changeable into hip-seat and baby wrapper depending on baby’s body size and wearer’s personal preference.

100% cotton texture provides excellent absorbency and breathability for soft and sweaty babies, so you can use it safely without worrying about skin troubles.

Fabric is often used in outdoor wear, so it is Miracle weight and comfortable on skin. Water resistant function means the carrier can be easily cleaned, and less discoloration after washing.

Product Name
MIRACLE Hipseat + Baby Carrier
Usable weight
Waist size
65 ~ 115cm
Korea / iangel corp.
1,158g, hipseat carrier : 826g, baby carrier 298g, Gift Box : 1,516g(±10g)
Usable age
30days old baby ~ 36month
Safety test
Item spec
Hip Seat Carrier, Baby Carrier, Sleeping Hood and Organic cotton teething Pads
Pastel Pink, Powder Blue, Ash Gray, Stone Blue, Charcoal Gray, Srat navy, Star charcoal, Melange Charcoal, Melange Navy, Melange Gray, Melange Red, Melange olive, Melange violet, Melange cocoa

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