icall LIFE?
If you use i-call products,
childcare is easy, healthy and fun.

The products must of course be perfect and safe. We want to differentiate our brand by making
consumers find a little happiness in the ordinary everyday life and an enjoyable, relaxing and
healthy lifestyle in addition to perfection of the product. We also try to create a reason for
consumers to buy products by focusing on lifestyle these days that they want to upload and share
their lifestyles on SNS.
i-call is going to do a branding differently from other brands with these points.


Habits of making Value and Happiness
A practice of making happiness and value

We value the quality of life for consumers who use i-call products.
It is an infant brand that aims for a lifestyle that pursues relaxation and health.


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자궁안 편안한 엄마의 품을 모티브하여 라벨 제작

Life cozy, Baby love, Healthy

Comfortable and relaxed life, baby-loving heart and healthy body

Brand Color

CMYK C 0     M 96     Y 95     K 0
RGB R 255     G 0     B 0