My baby’s first love I-ANGEL
Comfort like a mother’s heart
will be delivered, as it were

We are making products under a mother’s emotion with the heart to give a baby essential and good thing.
while making efforts to develop our main products including baby-carrying bands, hipseat carrier and infant products.
I-Angel as No.1 brand specialized in baby-carrying bands in korea, which has been recognized for its superiority
and stability of quality in the infant products for a long time, was born through many studies and efforts by collection opinions
and suggestions of customers throughout years, and the products in good quality have been made by selecting advantages
from various types of baby-carrying bands and hipseat carriers.


The first developed brand of the Hipseat Carrier

With the beginning of the launch into the Japanese market in 2009, I-ANGEL is incessantly going out into the world.
Now, I-ANGEL is making efforts to open up a new horizon of the world market through the securing of competitiveness in
techology added by innovation and quality without settling for an auxiliary product for holding ababy.
I-ANGEL is the representative brand of Korea which is getting ahead of the world’s prestigious brands through
its one-step-forward stability and excellent quality, and establishing its solid foothold through aggressive communication
with the local consumers from all countries in the world.


I-ANGEL is making a promise

A baby like an angel in my bosom
we will do our best to create
a company which can make the body
have a happy dream always.


In addition,
we will do our best to create
a company which can bear the fruit
of efforts through our never-ending
research and challenges.


Also, we will spread a happy
influence to all international
babies and mothers by going out
into the world beyond home

I-ANGEL which has walked along only the one way for baby products for about
20 years is making a promise to all persons who bring up a baby on the basis of trust and belief


The KC(Korea Certification) certifies that I-ANGEL Hipseat Carrier meets
the requirements of the Spacial Act on Safety Management of Children’s Product.

The Spacial Act on Safety Management of Children’s Products is?

A system to foster a safe environment for children, prevent an accident, and maintain and promote children’s health.
To guarantee safety for children, I-ANGEL makes all the products in compliance with the requirements of the Spacial Act.

I-ANGEL has receive global recognition including both from Europe and U.S., and Japan

I-ANGEL has been approved as a safe product by the Korea Accreditation System,
as well as having passed the highest safety standards from both European and U.S.,
Japan institutions. I-ANGEL promises that our products are safe and reliable.

I-ANGEL products have passed a series of comprehensive physical stress
and safety tests to demonstrate that the products meet the highest European standards.


I-ANGEL is products are recognized for the excellent quality by
bomestic and international quality evaluation standards
and consumer and media evaluations.

Baby Carrier Certification
by International Hip
Dysplasia Institute

First place in Green
Consumer Network
Comparison Evaluation

Two consecutive
Awards at Future
Creation Management
Awards of Korea

2014 KOREA
Service Satisfaction
Grand Prize

The Dads Awards
Gold and Silver Winner

Mumpreneur UK
Award Silver Award

Korea Patent
Excellence Award

First place in the
2016 Korea Brand
Preference Award


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