CEO Greetings

President. LEE JINSEOP

I-ANGEL Co.,Ltd could exist because we had incessant passion,
through quality control and A/S(service) spirit in developing products while taking
the lead in the infant products and baby carrying bands(carrier) with our continuous efforts.

Fisrt, We think of the safety and comfort of babies in top priority.
Second, We think of the comfort and convenience of mothers.
Third, We think of the ergonomic designs and functions with the fashionable design.

Above all, we are proud of products which have been stabilized and
proven through the experience of mothers and babies while keeping eyes to eyes with our customers.
We will become a company and an entrepreneur to show good influences while realizing another
miracle in the world over Korea as well as overcoming the endless competition and
challenge in consideration of tomorrow rather than along with our dream and hope.
Thank you.

Wish for peace and love in this land
i-angel CO.,LTD.